Investiga Public Relations

  • We advise companies, social and political organizations, and even other consulting firms, on the design and application of communication and Public Relations strategies.

  • We are a team of AAA consultants who have vast professional experience in several specialties: health, politics, government, social responsibility, technology, among others.

  • We develop comprehensive programs tailored to fit our clients’ requirements.

  • We provide the following services:

    • Media Relations: We develop strategic media-relation programs (foreign and domestic) that favor the positive positioning of our clients’ image.
    • Control and Handling Program for Special Situations: We have the tools necessary to achieve effective control over crisis situations.
    • Media Audit: We do a research in order to measure the perception of the public regarding the image of particular company or person.
    • Media Training: We train spokespeople so they can properly make press statements, and convey their messages, ideas and fundamental concepts.

Investiga Monitoring

  • We keep our clients permanently posted so they can receive information alerts in order to timely respond to their communication needs.

  • We gather and analyze information released through the media that might be of interest for our clients.

  • A team of professionals who analyze, select, process, and send the messages that are really useful to our clients, follows the news from the moment it is released or broadcasted.

  • News Monitoring (Selected Daily)

  • News of the day (Selected Daily)

  • Summary of news on specific products or topics, whether daily, weekly, or monthly.

Research and Analysis

Sometimes, the whirlpool of information does not allow us to clearly and expeditiously distinguish the messages we are trying to convey to our target audience. Hence the importance of analyzing structural and contextual situations, which would allow us to reach our goals in an effective fashion.

Investiga Consultores performs two kinds of information analyses that provide more tools for positioning, or otherwise getting to know the ranking of our product, actor, or institution:

Quantitative information analysis:

The breakdown of the number of mentions appearing in newspapers, magazines, and agencies, of the product, actor, or institution subject to study, whether daily, weekly, monthly, annually, according to the client’s needs..

Qualitative information analysis

This analysis allows us to differentiate the treatment given by each medium to the information; it underlines the interest of the topic or topics, and creates scenarios and provides recommendations to position the product, actor, or institution with the public.


Our vast experience has allowed us to develop strategic and comprehensive training programs that raise the level of the organizations’ productivity, well-being, and efficiency of their human capital.

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